What is going on with the game?

It’s been a while since I last posted but I just wanted to make a quick post to show that the game is still alive! I am currently adding the last levels of the games, as well as the last monsters. The last few levels will be dungeon themes. Here’s a render of the first 2 dungeon levels:   Needless … Continue Reading →

Alpha 1 Level 5 Screenshot

Heroes Defense Alpha 1 is out

Hello guys, I finally completed a first version of the game with 5 levels playable and I am currently opening it up for private testing. I created the subreddit heroesdefensetd which acts as an official forum to discuss the builds and get some feedback. It’s a private subreddit right now and I don’t really want APK to go in the … Continue Reading →

Raw level render, the white squares define the path of enemies but will not appear in game.

Heroes Defense Fantasy TD first level gameplay!

The game is now stable enough that I can showcase the first level of the game! Of course, it is not very exciting as you’ll only have access to Knights on the first level and a handful of monsters, but you can at least get a general feel of the game and see the cut-scene engine in action at the … Continue Reading →

Main menu, the logo is a placeholder, because the design isn't clear yet and I can't use the Lord of the Rings font in the final product!

Heroes Defense Fantasy TD update

It’s been such a long time since the last update… The truth is, I haven’t been as dedicated as I should have been working on the game. However, it’s not cancelled and will definitely get published! I have been working hard lately, trying to push the game before Christmas. Some menus have been added, the cutscene engine is pretty much … Continue Reading →

Income report

Revenue report, one month before Christmas

Despite my previous post on how Fireworks has been dying, it’s been bringing a few dollars every month. I made the mistake to buy Starcraft 2 and I have therefore way too much time playing and trying to climb the ladder instead of coding. Nevertheless, I thought it’d be interesting to post the results before the Christmas season. Christmas and … Continue Reading →

Heroes Defense TD WIP

Heroes Defense TD update and more

I have not posted for a while and I do apologize for it. Life has not been kind to me and I was busy moving in with my dear other half. This left very little time for programming. However I do ose you an update on the current projects, so read on! Heroes Defense, my upcoming Tower Defense title, is … Continue Reading →

Fireworks on Ouya!

Fireworks is being ported to Ouya!

I am pausing the development of my tower defense game to port Fireworks on the Ouya. The gameplay will be of course adapted to the controller: instead of tapping the rockets, they will show up on the 4 colors of the Ouya buttons and you will have to press the right one to detonate the right fireworks. It should be … Continue Reading →

Everything combined together!

New tutorial: vertex shader for tiled water

A new OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorial is up and this time we will play with a vertex shader to obtain a cool wobbling water surface, as show in this video: The link to the tutorial:

The Ouya

Ouya: I bought myself a $130 Super Mario

When I first heard about the Ouya I got excited but did not back it up on Kickstarter. I don’t like very much crowdfunding. I mean, fair enough if the Ouya had gone the usual way -capital risk investors-, they’d have laughed at their face and the project would have never came out, but still, I don’t like paying in … Continue Reading →

Final Result

New tutorial: GLSL shaders to achieve a nice fire effect

A new tutorial is up and this one is very much advanced as it will bring you a step closer to the cool kids by using a frame buffer and shaders to achieve a flickering light effect. Here in video: The link: