Main menu, the logo is a placeholder, because the design isn't clear yet and I can't use the Lord of the Rings font in the final product!

Heroes Defense Fantasy TD update

It’s been such a long time since the last update… The truth is, I haven’t been as dedicated as I should have been working on the game. However, it’s not cancelled and will definitely get published! I have been working hard lately, trying to push the game before Christmas. Some menus have been added, the cutscene engine is pretty much … Continue Reading →

Revenue report

March 2013 income stats report and more

As expected, March has been a very slow month. Fireworks is pretty much left untouched now, with no more advertisements whatsoever and no update active installs and downloads are plummeting to a 3 months low. The game however will cross the $200 line really soon and I am quite please as it is my first game. Interestingly enough, with half … Continue Reading →

Almost there!

The new website is almost completed. All I have to do now is to reupload the libgdx OpenGL 1.x tutorials. They should come up soon, stay tuned!


New website

Because maintaining a static website is a bit of a pain, I am currently moving everything to a wordpress. Please bear with me while this is done!