Heroes Defense TD WIP

Heroes Defense TD update and more

I have not posted for a while and I do apologize for it. Life has not been kind to me and I was busy moving in with my dear other half. This left very little time for programming. However I do ose you an update on the current projects, so read on! Heroes Defense, my upcoming Tower Defense title, is … Continue Reading →

Fireworks on Ouya!

Fireworks is being ported to Ouya!

I am pausing the development of my tower defense game to port Fireworks on the Ouya. The gameplay will be of course adapted to the controller: instead of tapping the rockets, they will show up on the 4 colors of the Ouya buttons and you will have to press the right one to detonate the right fireworks. It should be … Continue Reading →

The Ouya

Ouya: I bought myself a $130 Super Mario

When I first heard about the Ouya I got excited but did not back it up on Kickstarter. I don’t like very much crowdfunding. I mean, fair enough if the Ouya had gone the usual way -capital risk investors-, they’d have laughed at their face and the project would have never came out, but still, I don’t like paying in … Continue Reading →