Income report

Revenue report, one month before Christmas

Despite my previous post on how Fireworks has been dying, it’s been bringing a few dollars every month. I made the mistake to buy Starcraft 2 and I have therefore way too much time playing and trying to climb the ladder instead of coding. Nevertheless, I thought it’d be interesting to post the results before the Christmas season. Christmas and … Continue Reading →

Fireworks all time revenues

Income report late May – the life and death of an Android game

Android games are short lived. You can expect revenues for about a year but in the case of a small game on a niche market like Fireworks this was much quicker. Today, no update are going in so there is no incentive to keep the game. I have published a rebuild with the latest Android 4.2 SDK but that is … Continue Reading →

Revenue report

March 2013 income stats report and more

As expected, March has been a very slow month. Fireworks is pretty much left untouched now, with no more advertisements whatsoever and no update active installs and downloads are plummeting to a 3 months low. The game however will cross the $200 line really soon and I am quite please as it is my first game. Interestingly enough, with half … Continue Reading →

Income report

February 2013 income stats report

February has been rather quiet and the game is slowing down a lot; especially on the Samsung App Stores. Somewhat it’s not really visible because Google Play brought in a few downloads; but the trend is gloomy. I can clearly see there has been a bump in the number of downloads for Google Play since it reached 1000+ on this … Continue Reading →