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New tutorial: vertex shader for tiled water

A new OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorial is up and this time we will play with a vertex shader to obtain a cool wobbling water surface, as show in this video: The link to the tutorial: http://www.alcove-games.com/opengl-es-2-tutorials/vertex-shader-for-tiled-water/

Final Result

New tutorial: GLSL shaders to achieve a nice fire effect

A new tutorial is up and this one is very much advanced as it will bring you a step closer to the cool kids by using a frame buffer and shaders to achieve a flickering light effect. Here in video: The link: http://www.alcove-games.com/opengl-es-2-tutorials/lightmap-shader-fire-effect-glsl/

Default packing operated by TexturePacker

New Tutorial: TexurePacker with libgdx

TexturePacker allows you to group images together in a single spreadsheet and much more. It’s quite simple, and I am using this little tool everywhere as part of the production chain now. I figured that since this program helped me save countless hours of development time, I should give it a little tribute in the form of a tutorial. So … Continue Reading →


Isometric tile picking tutorial is back up

The new website is now complete. The old content has been moved to the new format and you can celebrate this by enjoying the tutorial on isometric tile picking. This tutorial addresses a simple yet math filled question: if I have an isometric world; how do I know on which tile the user clicks? A normal orthogonal unprojection will not … Continue Reading →