Fireworks is being ported to Ouya!

I am pausing the development of my tower defense game to port Fireworks on the Ouya.

Fireworks on Ouya!

Fireworks on Ouya!

The gameplay will be of course adapted to the controller: instead of tapping the rockets, they will show up on the 4 colors of the Ouya buttons and you will have to press the right one to detonate the right fireworks.

It should be much more interesting than on a phone/tablet, and it’s looking very promising as far a such a little game can go. It’ll be priced at just $0.99.



  • Fabio Cunha says:

    Hi, Tony.
    Do you know if someone is making money using Ouya Store?
    I’ll want to know if your game is going well on you begin to sell Fireworks! in Ouya Store.
    Good luck.

    • Tony Pottier says:

      Hello Fabio. Some people are making tremendous amounts of money. But of course they are the exception rather than the norm. Check out

      In any way, Fireworks is too small fry and won’t make a lot of revenue if any. Also the payment system with Ouya is retarded (international transfer in USD). In my case it means I have exchange rate fees + fixed SGD20 fee…

  • Fabio Cunha says:

    Ouya payment system is ridiculous, tehy need to implement at least some tools like paypal.

    This way will be very hard to generate a considerate revenue even if your game succeeds in the store, the payment system keep away possible buyers

  • Koubiac says:

    Just for your information, bolos !, freebox is now compatible with iphone/android game !

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