Heroes Defense Alpha 1 is out

Hello guys,

I finally completed a first version of the game with 5 levels playable and I am currently opening it up for private testing.

Alpha 1 Level 5 Screenshot

Alpha 1 Level 5 Screenshot

I created the subreddit heroesdefensetd which acts as an official forum to discuss the builds and get some feedback. It’s a private subreddit right now and I don’t really want APK to go in the wild as a public beta, but if you like tower defenses and would like to participate feel free to let me know!

It’s happening guys! We’re at 680 000 characters in source code, all typed by my little hands, and it’s awesome!

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  • Fabio Cunha says:

    I know that you don’t want to public a beta APK, but consider do that, because it’s easy for people to test.

    ps: I don’t know what is subreddit, I don’t know how I can help you

    • Tony Pottier says:

      Hey Fabio,

      Reddit is the self proclaimed “front page of the Internet”. It’s basically a huge discussion place organized around communities (“subreddits”). The site has nearly 200 million unique visitors a month, it is seriously big and you can find discussions about almost anything.

      Create a user and let me know of your username, I’ll invite you!


  • romualdo, romualdorojo97 in twitter says:

    You’re an incredible pro, even so i think you’re being a bit risky, have you draw all this?

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