Heroes Defense Fantasy TD first level gameplay!

The game is now stable enough that I can showcase the first level of the game!

Of course, it is not very exciting as you’ll only have access to Knights on the first level and a handful of monsters, but you can at least get a general feel of the game and see the cut-scene engine in action at the end of it.

I’m very proud to say that the general game engine is now pretty much completed and I can focus on implementing more content (monsters, features, sounds, etc. etc.)

What’s more? I have thought a lot about how monetizing the game and I have come to the conclusion that it will be released as a complete paid for game, with no in app purchase and no ads. I don’t want to destroy this game through IAP shenanigans and ads, and it turns out that estimates show that the game should still generate more or less the same amount of money. So why bother? I’d rather support paying customers.

Moreover, since Libgdx is now stable enough on iOS, it will also be ported to iOS in a 2nd time!

So enjoy and let me know what you think!

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  • Fabio Cunha says:

    it’s good to see that the game is evolving, but watch out when create a paid game, it’s very hard to make people pay for an app. I talk about my own experience, because of that I only have free games now.
    All paid games that I create are not successfull to generate revenue for me.

    • Tony Pottier says:

      Hey Fabio,

      Maybe I should make a blogpost about. Basically, based on my experience and AdMob, I could expect a popular genre like a Tower Defense to get 100k download over the course of one year. I think that’s a very safe assumption.

      I then based this on Fireworks to determine that one install is worth $0.013. It means over a year this game would bring slightly over $1200.

      Now, from a few different resources it seems like using 1.25% of users paying for the game also seems like a fair assumption. That means 1250 sold copies instead of 100k download over a year.

      At $1.99, even after Google’s cut, it’s over $1740 and over what ads would bring.

      Even more interesting: paid games seem to be on an upward cost nowadays. I believe the game could be $2.99 without affecting the sales at all. Now we’re talking double than what ads would bring.

      On the iOS market, paid games is also the norm, so I should go with that there.

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