Heroes Defense TD update and more

I have not posted for a while and I do apologize for it. Life has not been kind to me and I was busy moving in with my dear other half. This left very little time for programming.

However I do ose you an update on the current projects, so read on!

Heroes Defense, my upcoming Tower Defense title, is far from dead. I have worked a lot on the graphics, and I have added a cut-scene engine so that the story can unfold as you navigate through the world. Here’s a screenshot of the first level in the main town of the world:

Heroes Defense TD WIP

Heroes Defense TD WIP

It’s looking pretty good if you ask me, but it’s clearly behind in 2013. But hey, as a lone programmer I don’t think it can get better than that!

I’ll upload videos of everything, the main menu and the first level once I have everything in order!

Fireworks on Ouya works pretty well in its current status, the game is fairly fun to play and I am overall pleased with the port. However I didn’t look into integrating the Ouya SDK and the publishing rules on the platform. If I am honest the Ouya doesn’t seem to have gained a lot of traction and I am thinking about releasing the game for free. So there is not much incentive to work on that…

Hopefully I’ll have more content to show off next time ;-)


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