Fireworks all time revenues

Income report late May – the life and death of an Android game

Android games are short lived. You can expect revenues for about a year but in the case of a small game on a niche market like Fireworks this was much quicker. Today, no update are going in so there is no incentive to keep the game. I have published a rebuild with the latest Android 4.2 SDK but that is … Continue Reading →

Heroes TD WIP performance test

Heroes Defense TD development snapshot

Work on Heroes Defense is progressing well. Here is a video of the current look: Most heroes are coded now, minus a few glitches that need some fixing, and the rendering engine is almost complete. The game logic now updates itself at 60fps regardless of your actual fps. This is much easier to handle the fast forward option (most tower … Continue Reading →

Default packing operated by TexturePacker

New Tutorial: TexurePacker with libgdx

TexturePacker allows you to group images together in a single spreadsheet and much more. It’s quite simple, and I am using this little tool everywhere as part of the production chain now. I figured that since this program helped me save countless hours of development time, I should give it a little tribute in the form of a tutorial. So … Continue Reading →

Revenue report

March 2013 income stats report and more

As expected, March has been a very slow month. Fireworks is pretty much left untouched now, with no more advertisements whatsoever and no update active installs and downloads are plummeting to a 3 months low. The game however will cross the $200 line really soon and I am quite please as it is my first game. Interestingly enough, with half … Continue Reading →

Heroes TD WIP performance test

Work In Progress: Heroes Defense TD

I really have to update you my fellow readers on the game I am¬†developing.¬† There has been no update for almost a month and I’d like to say I am still working on games. Not as fast as I’d like, because my real job is taking a big chunk of my time at the moment and the leftovers are strongly … Continue Reading →


Isometric tile picking tutorial is back up

The new website is now complete. The old content has been moved to the new format and you can celebrate this by enjoying the tutorial on isometric tile picking. This tutorial addresses a simple yet math filled question: if I have an isometric world; how do I know on which tile the user clicks? A normal orthogonal unprojection will not … Continue Reading →

Income report

February 2013 income stats report

February has been rather quiet and the game is slowing down a lot; especially on the Samsung App Stores. Somewhat it’s not really visible because Google Play brought in a few downloads; but the trend is gloomy. I can clearly see there has been a bump in the number of downloads for Google Play since it reached 1000+ on this … Continue Reading →

Almost there!

The new website is almost completed. All I have to do now is to reupload the libgdx OpenGL 1.x tutorials. They should come up soon, stay tuned!


New website

Because maintaining a static website is a bit of a pain, I am currently moving everything to a wordpress. Please bear with me while this is done!