Revenue report, one month before Christmas

Despite my previous post on how Fireworks has been dying, it’s been bringing a few dollars every month. I made the mistake to buy Starcraft 2 and I have therefore way too much time playing and trying to climb the ladder instead of coding.

Nevertheless, I thought it’d be interesting to post the results before the Christmas season. Christmas and the end of the year usually sees a peak in terms of how much money ads bring. The cost per click rises dramatically on the coming season and I’ll make another report once we hit mid 2014.

Revenues as of November 23

Revenues as of November 23

We still have a full week in November and the numbers will be higher than October. I am expecting to see revenues of around $30 around Christmas. We shall see!

In the mean time, if my game development doesn’t show a lot of progress, the website has gained a lot of support. It is actually quite incredible to see some comments from people around the Internet being posted on my tutorial pages. Looks like people enjoy them and it is for sure a nice reward. The site now enjoys about 2000 unique visitors a month. So thank you guys for the support!

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